Sunday, April 20, 2008

Need Some Technical Help?

Im getting alot of emails from people saying they need help so i have decided to do so. If you have a question about an issue just leave me an email at or call 863-662-9618 and i will get back to you with an answer. I also provide video instructions if needed
Monday, April 14, 2008

Directv on Your HD Sony PSP

Question...Have you ever been watching your favorite show and for some reason you have to get up and go to the next room? Or maybe your out of town and your wanting to watch a program that you have saved on your dvr.? If so i might have something that might interest you. As you can see from the picture above i am watching my directv from my psp. And yes it is in HD. The PSP has the capability to broadcast video at 720 resolution. I am using a device call a Location Free Player. With this box i can stream live or recorded content from my directv receiver. The only stipulation is you have to have a wireless connection. As long as thats taking care of you can watch tv where ever you are in the world. The player also comes with a RF blaster so you can program other components to it as well. For example a tv, dvd player or a dvd. You can also connect your video game system as well but i would recommend it. The only reason why is because the stream has a 3 second delay, so that would be very good when play Call of Duty 4. Also if you have the newer model psp you can also connect it to a tv and broadcast the video on there as well. That would come in handy if you dont have a receiver in a room of the house. If you have any questions about the service just leave a comment or send an email.
Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How to use your Directv system Volume 2-Neworking Your Receiver Youtube connectivity

I made this video to show how to get youtube videos on your Hd dvr receiver. Also you can play downloaded videos from your computer as well as music and photos. In addition if you have hd videos that you have acquired you can also play it through your receiver. If you have any questions just email me. all my contact info is at the bottom of the page. Bookmark this site for future updates.

How to use your Directv system Volume 1-HD 101

Ok, im back. I have made a video for my customers to help ease there mind about some issues the have been having. One of the biggest problems i have been hearing about is customer education. So this is the first of many videos I will be posting to help with any confusion. This one shows you how to use your hd dvr and remote control. Its also show features that are universal to all the Directv equipment. Keep posted for more.

Take Directv on the road

Leave the DVDs and videotapes at home and instead enjoy up to 185 channels of DIRECTV service and your favorite local channels* on the open road.** The all-new, ultra-low-profile TracVision A7 from KVH sets a new standard for fun on the road with live DIRECTV programming right on your car’s video screens. And for the first time, you can take your local channels with you – don’t miss that big game, traffic report, or breaking local news story again. Traveling in your car has never been this much fun. Now your family and friends can enjoy the DIRECTV service that they watch at home while in your car. It’s true…the best seat in the house is now in your car!

The Masters on DirecTV

Experience The Masters like never before. DIRECTV is pleased to offer unprecedented coverage of this year’s Masters Tournament from Augusta National Golf Club, April 10-13 on channels 701-710. So for all the Golf fans out there, you will be excited to know that it will be broadcasting in High Def. You will have a Mix Channel dedicated for the event with up to four channels displaying at once. I'll be one of the fans cheering those guys on. Tiger, Tiger Woods baby!!!

Now you will never miss another show

Have you ever forgotten to record a show and missed it because you couldn't get home in time?. Do I have some good news for you. Directv has unveiled there new BETA scheduler that enables there customers to program there DVRs by using computer or cell phone from anywhere in the world. DVR SCHEDULER works with the DIRECTV Plus® DVR receivers (R15, R16-300), the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receivers (HR20) and our latest model — HR21. You can send a record request to a specific DVR in your home and even prioritize the recording.
Register your DIRECTV account on to view the entire DIRECTV program guide on your computer or mobile phone.

DirecTV announces: Only 24hr use of PPV movies effective 4/15

There is some news coming out of the DTV camp.Effective April 15, 2008, DVR recordings of PPV movies will be available for 24 hours of unlimited viewing after purchase. Major movie studios have required that satellite and cable providers alike may no longer allow their customers to view these recordings for longer than 24 hours. So if you purchase a movie you no longer have days to watch the movie. I personally do not agree with the policy but I guess I have no choice in the matter. Let us know what you feel about this announcement.
Monday, April 7, 2008

More HD Channnles up and running

So did you see it. Directv has launched 3 new high def channels recently. Channels include Espn news Hd(207), Disney Channel HD (290), and Toon Disney HD (292) bringing the grand total of available high-definition channels to 95. More is expected to come soon so keep checking back for more info.

Its here Directv Ondemand

Directv has release the beta of the much anticipated on demand service. The feature is only available on on the hd dvr and the r15 dvr receivers. One thing you must know is that to utilize this feature you will need to have a Ethernet connection connected on the back of the receiver.


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