Monday, April 14, 2008

Directv on Your HD Sony PSP

Question...Have you ever been watching your favorite show and for some reason you have to get up and go to the next room? Or maybe your out of town and your wanting to watch a program that you have saved on your dvr.? If so i might have something that might interest you. As you can see from the picture above i am watching my directv from my psp. And yes it is in HD. The PSP has the capability to broadcast video at 720 resolution. I am using a device call a Location Free Player. With this box i can stream live or recorded content from my directv receiver. The only stipulation is you have to have a wireless connection. As long as thats taking care of you can watch tv where ever you are in the world. The player also comes with a RF blaster so you can program other components to it as well. For example a tv, dvd player or a dvd. You can also connect your video game system as well but i would recommend it. The only reason why is because the stream has a 3 second delay, so that would be very good when play Call of Duty 4. Also if you have the newer model psp you can also connect it to a tv and broadcast the video on there as well. That would come in handy if you dont have a receiver in a room of the house. If you have any questions about the service just leave a comment or send an email.


Anonymous said...

Bro, that is some pretty stuff. While working at DTV I have people ask me about this.

Cyril Rickelton-Abdi said...

From what I understand, Sony's location free requires either Composite or S-Video in (at least the model I played with a couple of years ago)... which brings 2 questions:
- HD over S-Video or Composite: I havemy doubts
- Quid of playing content out via HDMI and getting the S-Video or Composte to spit a signal? I thought that when HDMI was on, no other output could work...


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