Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Good News For Directv Customers

Can you say 130 HD Channels? Well that's what Directv is saying. In a recent announcement Directv has announced that by or around August 14th they will be launching at or around 30 new nationwide High Def channels for you viewing pleasure. And for the nay sayers and the non fanboys out there all the channels will be transmitted in the MPEG-4 AVC standard. And if thats wasnt enough they will also be showing movies in 1080p format later this year.Those channels will Included new additions like Showtime Extreme HD, Showtime Showcase HD, Planet Green HD, ABC Family HD, additional DirecTV HD pay-per-view channels and 23 more regional sports networks in high-def 24 hours a day. Also they will be providing locals for Locals for 44 new markets witch will be pleasing for many customers.


Anonymous said...

will there be a new reciever released for 1080p content? every hr21 I've seen only has up to 1080i

Burick Damion Graham said...

what im hearing is that if you have a hr21 or a h23 receiver you can get the 1080p broadcasts. it will attomatically switch to the highest format on the screen your receiver is set to a native setup. if anyone has a question on how to do that just email me.

Anonymous said...


when did or does that get released?

Burick Damion Graham said...

i have been installing it for about 2 months. its looks just like the h21 and it doesn't need a bbc converter. do you have directv. if not i can help you get it installed. also it has a Ethernet port on the back so u can stream you media content and use the on demand service

Anonymous said...

we've been with directv for over 10 years...problem is directv customer service can NEVER provide the latest hardware...it's a total crap shoot so usually we have to wait for the newest hd dvr to hit retail shelves at circuit city or best buy....or pay retail ++++ through USSatelite or another web based seller...the 1080p hd dvr is $1000+ on the web & is not available VIA direcTV directly


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