Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Directv Now With one Wire Installs

As a installer i have seen many installations canceled because there was only one home run ran from the outside of the house to a cable panel inside the house. Now Directv has unleashed its one wire setup. What this means is I can now run one wire to a central unit to control HD, DVR, HD DVR, and regular receivers. I am also hearing that You can use cable splitters and diplexers to separate signals for two tuners and also split signal for satellite and OTA signal. Leave a comment or email me for any Questions.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is called the SWM (Single Wire Multi-switch).

A basic SWm can only support 2 (dvrs/hd-dvr) or 4 irds. there are only 2 ports on the stand swm unit. Now the splitters will work but they have to be "approved" splitters, diplexers are iffy, since the bbc's have to be connect for now. BBC's and diplexers don't mix.

John said...

I'm thinking of finally upgrading from my directivo regular def to the newer setup. I've got issues with the 2nd channel dropping signal every few seconds that's affecting the receiver/may be originating from the receiver box.

Anyone out there know if these are being installed on flat roofs? I've got brick walls and a tile roof, but the flat roof could work, with a clear view of the southern sky. I'm hoping to avoid drilling into anything if at all possible but am a little worried about the size/weight of the newer setup. thx ;)

Avcap DVR said...
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Adam Scott said...

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Russell Reed said...

One of my friend is suggesting that 4 channel dvr security system will be fine. Is that ok?


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