Thursday, May 8, 2008

DirecTV introduces dual ATSC tuner AM21 for the HR21

Directv have just made available the ATSC tuner (AM21) for people who don't have access to local hd channels for there hr21 and hr20 models. It does not allow you to record 4 things at once but It does allows you to watch a 3rd show while recording 2 other. The AM21 has a power pass through (another plug on the AM21 itself), that you can plug the HR21 into. So the pair, only needs one outlet in your UPS, Power Strip, or outlet.
This $50 accessory will enable HR21 owners to tune into and record OTA HD channels


Anonymous said...

can i call directv and ask for this? what do i call it?

John said...

Sounds interesting. Currently I use an hdtva with my old directivo. Unfortunately, some stations in the area have reduced the power of their digital transmissions, so I'm needing an external antenna, and am hoping this will play nice.

Burick Damion Graham said...

just ask for the atsc toner. if not you can get it from other sources online.


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