Thursday, May 8, 2008

Media Sharing Solution

This is what I have:
Fedora Core 8
Twonkyvision (twonky, twonkymedia server) 4.4.4 UPnP server
Huge collection of MP3 files, no DRM

HR21 does see the collection but shows "x" in front of every song and cannot play it.

Apparently HR21 does not support MP3 natively, it can play only LPCM. Therefore, I needed an LPCM plugin (or add on) for Twonky so that I could trans code MP3 -> LPCM on the fly. The other option - recoding my entire collection to LPCM - did not make sense.
Unfortunately, Twonkymedia removed all HTML pages that refer to cgi-bin plug ins, including the MP3->LPCM plugin. I could only speculate that it was related to the upcoming v5.0 which will support plug ins in a much better way (btw: 5.0 beta is available for download).
The good news is that TM retained the links to the plug ins. In this case they use lame (I would prefer ffmpeg, which would be supported in v5.0, but hey, lame works just as well). Here is the link to an old plug in -
I unzipped the file in the cgi-bin directory and restarted the server.

It is a very easy solution, but it took me a few days to put all the information together. I hope that helps.

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Matt H said...

Were you able to get your Videos to stream from Twonky to your HR21-200?


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